Time to know the GOD

  • Now or never
  • It is season to enjoy the privileges from GOD (Peace, Prosperity, Bliss, Happiness, etc)
  • It is the time to destroy all the past sins committed in previous births and protecting us from committing sins in the present and future
  • GOD descends once in 5000 years, i.e., At the end of Kaliyuga (Iron Age – Vicious world ) and at the beginning of Satyuga (Golden Age – Prosperous Virtuous World)
  • It is the same time as GOD sermonized in Bhagwat Gita “Whenever the World becomes unrighteous I will descend on the earth to destroy the unrighteousness and establish righteousness called Dharma”
  • GOD himself revealing the secret that he will take along with Him all the souls to their original abode
  • Divine self luminous point of light that doesn’t comes into birth and death cycle
  • Residing abode – Soul World in Golden red color where complete peace and purity always existing
  • Time – at the end of the Kaliyuga (Iron age ) which comes in every 5000 years